You woke up by your alarm clock. It’s morning again. 

The thought of having to get up, prepare stuff for the day, maybe getting ready to bring kids to school, and don’t forget the presentation materials for the meeting at noon. And oh you need to stock up the groceries for the week after office hour. And make the call for the dentist appointment you’ve keep delaying. 

Suddenly you feel tired, even before starting the day. You said to yourself, just like every other time, “I NEED a break.” Sounds familiar? Does that thought making you feel tired, and old? 

Being a woman is hard enough.

We’re playing multiple roles at once, trying to tie all loose ends together. And sometimes forgetting that we are simply human, who still need to feel happy. To be recharged, to be excited again, to simply have some fun once in a while.

That’s why I want to help. 
I want you to remember to have some little fun.

I believe the right accessories not only can change your look, but can also improve your mood and positivity.
I’m inspired by colors & prints. And how they can reflect confidence and optimism. 

I believe a good bag will not only complete your outfit, but also help you tackle your day with its functional practicality.

I craft bags for women who want to have some new fun in their day, every day.

While I may not give you a holiday you’re longing for, I can give you a bag you’re happy carrying.

A bag to brighten up your day.  :)

Hello there, my name is Dieni.

I’m an Indonesian living in Singapore with my husband and two adorable daughters.

I have an eight years IT background,  then found my calling to be back to home as a mother and be the center of the family. 

Now I'm exploring more on my growing interest in raising kids, being a better housewife, and slowly building my handmade sewing business.

I fell in love with sewing since my first daughter was almost one year old. It’s always magic seeing flat fabrics were transformed into dresses or softies or bags.

I’m a coffeeholic introvert who loves reading,
- particularly those on Self-Improvement shelf & How-Tos (yes, I'm a Google mum!), or mystery-crime thriller novel.  Also love listening to audiobooks or podcasts while doing house chores.

When not sewing, my main job is spending time with the two girls at home and being the house manager. 
I’m obsessed with finding ideas of less-screen-time kids activities. Or about household productivity.

The blog is my scribbling corner to keep life's moments alive, to keep discovering myself, to share stories and inspiration. 

Let's be friends! :)