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19 January 2017

5 Reasons Why You Need to Try a New Hobby

noun: hobby; plural noun: hobbies

an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure.

"her hobbies are reading and gardening"

synonyms:pastime, leisure activity, leisure pursuit, leisure interest, amateur interest, sideline, diversion, avocation, divertissement, enthusiasm;

"her hobbies are reading and gardening"

Three years ago when I confided to a close friend about my doubt if I would survive being a housewife (after I made the decision to prepare my resignation letter), she mentioned about this.

"Remember to have a hobby, it's vital for your sanity."

Still working at that time, I thought, well that makes sense because, a housewife would be doing mundane monotonous chores for the house & kids, so things might get boring. 

And, another thought, of course a housewife would have more time doing nothing once the house chores are done, right? Afterall, that's what a hobby is, something to do in one's leisure time, right?

Right.... rightfully totally wrong.

One, boring does not mean they lack of things to do. 
Two, never EVER say, especially in front of them, that housewives have more time doing nothing. Trust me in this. 

But, yes my friend apparently was right about having a hobby. And trying a new hobby every once a while.
And here's why it's good for you;

  1. It gives a good break. 
    A hobby is like giving you a break from your day to day busy schedule. It's relaxing, boosting your mood, giving you a fresh head outside your work. It gives you a good break from a rut. Trying new hobby is like giving you a new clean slate to play with.
  2. New hobby gives you new challenge
    It gives you new excitement and enjoyment. And when you're faced with challenge without the stress, like work-related challenge, it can open up your mind in new ways. It gives benefit of growth, in a way that you will learn new things in enjoyable moments.
  3. It can de-stress you.
    Doing activities that you enjoy, in a down time, could benefit your health too. When a leisure can help you relieve some stress, it will benefit your mind health. And when it involves moving your body, it can improve your physical health too.
  4. It improves self confidence.
    When you're capable of doing something in your hobby, it proves to yourself that you have what it takes, that you have the potential which you might not know before taking up the hobby. And when you're trying new things, it shows that you're willing to step out of your comfort zone. That takes confidence.
  5. It gives you a new circle of friends to meet.
    Making friends, what's not to love about it? Especially when it's for doing things you all enjoy together.

Now, hobby does not always something you need to spend a fortune on it (unless you choose travelling, or buying a yacht for sailing). There are a lot of budget low cost hobbies you can try out there. Here's a good 50 list you can try. 

I'm currently trying number (35) and (36). How 'bout you?

19 August 2016

2 Zip Hipster Crossbody Bag with Waterproof Nylon

This blue crossbody bag was a custom order from a close friend of mine, as a present for her teenage daughter. Her mum wanted to give a new bag to replace her worn out sling bag.

When I asked, what her daughter favorite color or print, and what kind of bag she'd like, she said, "She doesn't like girly stuff, or too much florals, and she likes blue.
And perhaps a simple rectangle shaped bag, you know, the one that look 'youngish' not girly?"

Aha. And there, I realized, is another reason why I have a thing for a crossbody style or sling bag. Wearing one across my shoulder makes me feels like being young again, being ready for new adventure (or that visit to the park with running kids, right?). 

She asked for a waterproof fabric, just like her old sling bag. So then when I found this blue, texty prints, waterproof nylon fabric, I think she will like it.

I chose to use 2 Zip Hipster pattern from Desk Under My Dog, but I omitted the external zipper pocket. Well so I guess it makes it a One Zip Hipster? :p

This is my first time sewing with waterproof nylon. And IT.IS.SLIPPERY.

I layered it with a lightweight woven interfacing. REMEMBER, nylon will melt on hot pressing. You will need another layer of fabric on top of it before any pressing done. Then I noticed once it's back to normal temp, the surface wrinkled! I got worried at first, but turned out it's just fine at the end.

Problem number two, I could not get the stitching right at the first day, and spent the whole night sewing & unpicking a few times.
Still, nice stitching on one side, wriggly stitching on the other side. -__-

Until I found out from another crafter friend that I got to set the tension higher. 
Tried with tension on number 9 (the MAX!), and it worked like a charm. 

Pretty strap!

Problem number three, well this one is not because of the nylon material, the big random placement prints. If you notice, the front body of the bag constructed from 4 panels. The main (biggest, center) piece, the narrow left & right piece, and the half-rectangle pocket piece.

Having not-small print means you will need to consider the pattern matching on those 4 sides before actually cutting your fabric. And it drives me crazy, I think I spent a few hours only to confirm the pattern piece placement for the front part. 

But look at how pretty it's when everything matched (almost) perfectly. ;) 

Ok, that's a bit throwback of last project from me. 

Over and out.

5 August 2016

Behind the Scene: My Sewing Space

So. This is my workspace. I shared my large desk with hubby's iMac, keyboard, mouse, console game.

That is an IKEA Gallant corner desk I bought from Craigslist a few years back.
I did not pay attention to the mentioned size on the listing, until it delivered to my house, and

That desk is exactly in the middle of our living room. Seriously, the position is a bit awkward since it's kinda dividing the living room at the centre. My then-two-years-old daughter nearly ran into the corners a few times in the first few weeks after I bought it.

But I grew to like it. It is spacious (like it's not obvious already). I have spot for cutting my fabrics on the side, for small pieces, of course many times I still prefer to go back to the floor for cutting bigger pieces.

I would love to own my *private* space one day, but for now, this is working fine.

The only thing I loathe is that I would need to tidy up & pack away my project items every time I'm done, and unload again the next time. Because (1) I share the working desk with hubby, -well, he has another computer and laptops for work, but of course this iMac is his favorite- and (2) because it's in the open space I should keep all the unsafe items (scissors checked, pins checked, rotary cutter checked, needle checked) from the kids.

Do you have your own crafting room? Or do you share your space with other family member?
17 August 2015

First Craft Bazaar

(Yes I on purposely wanted to give you the big spoiler first thing in this post.)

Well I'm not that upset anymore, so let me tell you the story, and what I've learned from it.

There was Indonesia's independence day celebration held on last Saturday here in Singapore (the actual national day should be today, August 17th. But the organizer chose the nearest weekend which is on Saturday August 15th.)
It's an annual event organized by our Indonesian community here, mainly to celebrate the independence day with various traditional games usually played back in Indonesia.
It has a parade for children wearing traditional dresses or red & white themed clothings, hanging "kerupuk"/crackers eating contest, marble race, sack race, tug of war, and so on.

This year they added a new face to the event. They set up a small bazaar. They have preloved books freecycling, face painting, craft demo, and also a booth selling handmade items.

I knew about the bazaar two weeks ago when a fellow crafter friend mentioned it in our chat group. She said the organizer would invite whoever interested to sell their handmade items in the bazaar.

And I thought, why not! I've never sold any of my items in public. As a matter of fact, nope, I never sold any of them*, and I never declare publicly anywhere that I'm accepting custom order or anything (*Except the mango cushion which was a custom order from a friend, because she knew I can sew).
Back to the bazaar news, so yes of course I'm VERY interested to do that.

There was one thing I'm hesitant about.

They specified that all items to be sold at a fixed price of $7.00 each, to conform with the theme of 70th year of Indonesia's independence day.

No matter how many articles I've read about pricing in handmade world, it still seem very vague to me. What if I charge too high, or too low? Will people wanna buy? What kind of things I can make to match that price point?

So the following one week I spent on thinking and finding ideas on what small items I can sew.
There was one day I met up with my patchwork class friends, and our lovely teacher taught us how to make a simple drawstring backpack.

At home I tried making it, but somehow it came out too small so I gave it to Afa. But then I thought I can't sell adult size drawstring backpack for $7 because it required quite a long rope and the rope itself would easily cost around $3 and I have not put the fabric into account.

After a week long browsing thru Pinterest and google search, I decided to try making triangular zipper pouch. I made the first two and it took me almost two hours to finish! Ok, I thought, perhaps it'd be faster as I make more of them.

Then I decided to make some fabric bookmarks with elastic band. This one was a lot faster. So I thought might as well throw in these bookmarks too to balance things up.

Well, life got in the way in between, so on one day I could only *choose* what fabric to use, then another day started cutting, and another day continuing cutting, and all little-bit-here-and-there sewing progressed.

In the last two days I panicked. I only had 2 pouches and 4 bookmarks done, and I planned to make 15 pouches and 10 bookmarks.

On the last day I still need to bring my younger daughter to polyclinic for her injection. Then I still need to buy some plastic wrapper for the packaging, and I totally forgot about the gift exchange for the day itself! So I bought some things for the gifts too.

That friday evening I told my husband that I really really need to finish my work so I need his help to babysit the kids while they're still not asleep yet.

I did not sleep at all, except the one hour plus while I nursed the young one to sleep.
I made multiple pouches production-line style. Meaning I already cut all of them into pieces, then I sew the zipper on all, then sew the sides on all, and finishing them.

Eventually I managed to make 14 triangular pouches! (And still 4 bookmarks only) Yay! I was very proud of myself!

Yes I supposed to have another breakfast cum farewell gathering on that day, and I came late (because I still need to finish those pouches!). No time to put each of them in the plastic wrapper, no time for making a hang tag with my brand and name. So I snatched all the wrapper, blank cards for name tag, cotton rope, hole puncher, and scissors into my bag.
While waiting for the cab to come, I took one final photo shot on them. And off we go.

After the breakfast gathering I went straight to the bazaar. The lady in charge, which is also a dear friend of mine, showed me the table for the craft booth and let me arrange my things there.

There are quite a lot of items already. A lot means, the table was pretty packed. Other zipper pouches were lined back to back in a row inside some cardboxes. People would need to pull them out to be able to see it better.

I feel like my things seem lost in it. Because they're arranged in a small space, and because apparently almost other items are bigger in size then mine. I didn't feel good but anyway, what's done is done so let's just enjoy the rest of the event.

At the end of the day when I came back to the booth, I counted what left from my things.
It means I sold one. Only.

A lady came besides me and took a drawstring sling bag on the table. "Look! So cute!" It might be a simple drawstring bag with an added strap, but it has a bold, prominent ballerina prints on the fabric.
Then I knew another thing I learned.

So here it is, the things I have learned from my first craft bazaar:

1. Plan EARLY, do not cramp too many things in the last minute.
Making stocks in multiplies is different from making one single item. Your cutting may not be always straight, the thread stuck, not enough zipper, you forgot to put the label on, you need to unpick, some corner was not sewn shut, your kid throwing all the thread spools out of the box,...

2. Use whatever supplies you have on hand first. Remember, any supplies laying in your studio means cash laying on your studio. Better get them out as much as possible, convert them to real cash.

3. This one might be better put on top of the list, but I still don't really have the skills to gauge this.
Read your audience. What they might want to buy.
On my case, I think since everything is $7, it's kind of expected that most people would choose to get "more", the best bang for the bucks. Among two items with similar form or functionality, they might choose the bigger one.

4. If it has a fixed price point, here are some things to consider when deciding item to make;
a. Can you cover the cost of batting/interfacing?
If not, choose thicker fabric, or cheap flannel fabric can also be used, or choose a project which does not really require to hold things up. I think a rice sack can also be used in substitute of a stiffer interfacing. A friend of mine used a rice sack as the bag lining, or the bag outer.
b. Can you cover hardware?
Zipper, hook, clasp, D ring, etc could be costly. Less expensive closure option could be drawstring, small magnetic button (depending on quality), snap button, sew on button with fabric loop / thread loop.
c. Things in rectangular form is faster to cut and faster to sew, compared to anything with curve. Use rotary cutter and cut multiple layers once.

5. Choose neutral colored thread.
This is so that you can use across all kind of fabrics that you choose for the project. It's taking too long if you still need to keep changing to different thread color in between.

6. Zipper is taking longer than you (*I*) think!
The layers of fabric might shift, the corner might be too tight to stitch, etc.

7. Any add on embellishment means extra time and extra care on placement required.
For example if you have a sew-on label, a ribbon, a strap, you have to pay attention when to put them and in what sequence each thing should be placed. Because usually when you need to turn it right side out, it would matter which one will be in front and at the back, or which one will be on the left or on the right.

8. Think of how you want to display your item.
I feel that plastic wrap is great for a flat objects, such as folded bags, or flat zipper pouch. But, for things which has dimension to it, such as the triangular pouch, it does not look very appealing to people to buy if the pouch is put flat inside the plastic wrap.
So perhaps you may want to display them without wrapping, or having 1 or 2 without wrap, and the rest can be wrapped and arranged near the sample.

9. Nicely printed hang tag really make a difference.
Decorate with washi tape, put a hole at the corner, and hang it to the item with a jute rope for a more natural appearance.
Hang tag may contain your brand name, perhaps your name, your social media handles (where people can contact you), and maybe a description of your item.

10. Fabric/materials matters.
I think even if it is a simple item like napkins, if it featured a unique prints, it attracts people.
Yes style preference is very personal, but I think I understand why yesterday more people like the ballerina, London buses, bold big floral better than symmetrical small flowers prints, or small chevron prints for example.

11. But no matter how bad it was, getting myself -or my creations- out there, is one step forward to me. WELL DONE, me! ;)

That's all!
Sorry it's a long post. So I hope this is helpful if you want to try to sell on a craft bazaar.
And yes I would still want to participate on any more bazaar in the future!

19 December 2014

The Chicken Story

Remember my post about buying groceries online?
Whenever I had chicken on my shopping list, I tried to buy halal fresh chicken instead of the frozen one.

One small problem though, in Sheng Siong online order they are available as whole chickens. It means I need to cut them up to pieces by myself.

And I had never done that before.
If I buy chicken from my local wet market, the seller would cut it into small pieces for me.

The first time I ordered that whole chicken, I thought, how difficult can it be. I knew usually the market guy will either chop chicken into 8 or 12 pieces.
I knew those would usually be 2 wings, 2 drumsticks, and the rest were coming from breast and upper thigh being cut sort of symmetrically.
That can't be too hard, right?


I could get the wings off easily. I could get the drumsticks with a bit struggle.

But once I tried to cut the breast part, I think I crushed most of the small bones at the rib in the wrong direction. It just looked, well, crushed.

I gave up. And proceeded to ask my husband. Not so surprisingly, he told me he's done it before, and continued to explain on how I should try to feel and find where the bone and the joints are. And it shall be cut on the joints.
Then he helped me to cut the remaining parts of that poor chicken, confidently. (Yeah, he shook his head once he saw what I've done to the chicken.)

BUT, since he cut so fast, I couldn't really pay attention to how he did that. Assuming I would need to do more chicken cutting in the future, I google it. Here I found a good article on Cutting Up Chicken, and also watched a video about it.

Let me go through the cutting process in a short version here. The above article will give you the detailed steps as well as picture of each chicken part during cutting. You can clearly see how and which way you need to stretch the legs or which way to put your knife on.

Basically, people usually cut a whole chicken into 8 or 12 pieces. This is how it's done in my local market (you can find how to achieve 10-pieces cut in the same article though).

Important point to note, ALWAYS TRY TO CUT AT THE JOINT in between parts, so you can get a clean cut instead of a shattered bone.

The first thing you will cut, is the leg. This leg, will then cut into drumstick and thigh. This will give you 4 pieces for both left and right side.

Next would be cutting the wing off from the body. For 8-pieces, you will leave the wing as it is. To get a 12-pieces, you will need to cut the wing into the drumlet/drummette and the wingette. This step will then give you another 2 or 4 pieces, again for both left and right side.

The last part you would need to handle, is the body, or breast.
To get 8-pieces, you simply cut the breast into halves, and to get a 12-pieces, the breast will be cut into 4 quarters.

And you're done.

Now, practice on more chicken! Strange enough, but I got some satisfaction when I could cut them *neatly*. Heh.
Chicken soup, anyone?
1 December 2014

Online Grocery Shopping

I have heard about online grocery shopping in Singapore since long time ago. But I wasn't keen on that, until sometime last year. I could not imagine buying my daily needs from a website. I mean, I thought it's something you should do while holding the actual thing in your hands, no?

When I was still working full time, our weekly grocery shopping's usually done on Saturday. Mainly it's to stock up our kitchen and fridge for the next whole week's meal supply. And it's our helper who'd go to the market to do the grocery shopping, and I would be the one preparing the shopping list.

Of course there're some occasions when I was too tired on Friday evening or Saturday morning, or simply too lazy to prepare the list. Then I would just ask her to buy 'the usual' items, which would be some veggies, eggs, tofu, chicken/meat, plus other perishable items which need to be restocked, like washing powder, dishing liquid, rice, sugar, and so on. I did not always keep track on what things were finishing, since she was the one who did the cooking & cleaning everyday & knew better what's in the kitchen and what's in the laundry.

So. Problem arose when I forgot to include those -like toiletries/sanitary, diapers, milk, beverages supply, etc- which my helper was not familiar with which brand to choose- and then I need to buy them during the weekend.  Or sometimes we didn't realize until mid of the week that we finished off the cooking oil or kitchen towels or sugar. Then I would drop by the store to buy those after office hours (my helper usually didn't do groceries during weekdays because she needs to take care of my young toddler).

Buying those which are usually bulky or heavy, definitely not so fun to drag along after a long day of work. 

After a few times, I got irritated every time I need to do that detour while I was exhausted from work and simply wanted to be home as soon as I can.

Then I decided to give a try to online grocery shopping. And since then, I really love doing online groceries!

Here's why;
  • It saves time to go to the store 
  • It saves effort of lugging my purchases, especially those bulky and heavy items (and thus less complaining done afterwards! I get annoying when I'm tired or hungry, FYI. Lol)
  • It offers flexibility. I can do my order anytime, from the comfort of my home, choose my delivery time, and just wait for it to be delivered to my doorstep!
It's really helpful, especially after having my second child 3 months ago and we're no longer having a helper at home.

Of course that does not mean I totally do not need to go to market. But at least I can order those bulky things to be delivered instead of going to buy them myself with a baby and a toddler in tow. And because not all kitchen needs are available online (more on it below).

In Singapore, there are quite a number of online grocery shopping available, mostly are from popular supermarket chains here. Personally I've been trying two of them; RedMart (Singapore based start-up online grocery store) and Allforyou (this is from Sheng Siong -Singapore local supermarket).  There are some others from our local supermarket such as FairPrice, Giant, and Cold Storage.

Let me share some of differences between those online grocery shopping, especially RedMart & Allforyou.

Delivery Fee

RedMart: $7 for purchases below $75. Free delivery for purchases of $75 and above.

Allforyou: $7 for purchases below $70. Free delivery for purchases of $70 and above.

The rest you can refer to their website for details. For example, Giant charges $12 for purchases below $60, and $7 delivery fee for purchases of $60 and above.

Shopping items

RedMart: Currently they are only focusing on dry goods, but slowly adding fresh veggies & frozen food to their ranges, but not as comprehensive as Allforyou's range yet. This might be a challenge for them since they don't own their own supermarket, so it's not easy for them to get fresh food; I suppose they would need to estimate how much to order, how to store to maintain optimal freshness, and how to meet the demand without wasting it because they can not hold too long.

Allforyou: My main reason why I moved from Redmart to Allforyou. I can skip my weekly trip to market, by ordering my weekly kitchen supply from them. Since they have their own supermarket chain, they provide practically everything you can find in their Sheng Siong supermarket; fresh and frozen veggies, poultries, meat, seafood, chilled beverages, dry goods and so on. Brand wise, on certain sections, for example baby diapers, Sheng Siong might not as extensive as RedMart in my opinion. But luckily my baby does not really have sensitivity towards different brand of diapers so far.

Did I mention I can skip my weekly trip to market because of this? Yep. I can buy my carrot, spinach, leek, egg, milk, toufu, tempe, fish, halal chicken, toiletries, diapers from the comfort of my home ;)
The only common food supply I could not find is some halal beef.


RedMart: More attractive looking! Well, ok appearance is kinda objective. But yes, their website loads faster between different menu/categories. And I like how they present the individual product image. They take two images, front view and back view of the product packaging. They enable us to zoom in the image when we mouse-over it, like shown below.

(image taken from:

I LOVE this feature. Why? Because I can use it to check if it has halal logo on it, or if I want to see the ingredients used.

Allforyou: Yes one complain I have, their website is kinda slow, especially when I jumped between different product categories. It's not that bad, but it's pretty annoying when I was rushing to do my grocery order just to have it delivered on that same day (more on delivery slot next!). On the product image, Allforyou only has one front-view, and it cannot be zoomed in. Sometimes I tried to search the same product on Redmart (if Redmart's also carrying it) if I want to check the halal-ness or the ingredients.

Delivery Time Slot

Redmart: Last year when I started using Redmart, I could get my order delivered on the next day, or the day after. Which, at that time, I consider it to be 'very fast'. But nowadays, it is even quite rare to be able to get the next 2days slot in Redmart. Usually the fastest slot available is on the 3rd day onwards after your order is placed.

Updated 19/12/2014: I tried to make an order at Redmart just now (around 1PM), and they do have tomorrow time slot (1PM-3PM) to deliver! I think they're improving on their delivery service, well done Redmart!

Allforyou: THIS. The second main reason why I'm (currently) keep using them. I can have a same-day delivery, if I place my order before noon on that day. I ever made my groceries order around 2PM and I still got a delivery slot on the same day 8pm-10pm. And the guy reached our home before 7:30. Still make it to have a chilled milk topped up in our fridge for after-dinner. Niiiceee...

Having said all that, actually a trip to market is good. At least you'll have extra walking exercise squeezed into your schedule.

It's just that for the time being, I think I still prefer to have more lazying time on weekend morning. Weekdays is still a big NO to do grocery. It's totally not fun when you have to drag along a market bag, a 3-years old toddler, and a 4-months old baby altogether.

What do you think, would you do online grocery?
24 October 2014

For the Love of Sewing

I started picking up sewing two years ago. My first daughter was about 9 months old when I began to notice a friend who usually show up with a matching dresses with her daughter. I think that was just soooo sweet looking.. (which is quite strange since previously I dislike those girly matchy matchy outfits, but well, blame you motherhood hormone ;) ) 
At that time it took me quite a while to come to conclusion that she sew for her daughter. Oh I thought we can just buy in store those mom & daughter dresses, until I realise she had way too many of those pairs and they're just too 'custom made' to be store bought. 

Then I also notice another friend occasionally posted in her facebook, pretty dresses she made for her two daughters. Imagine you can actually make your own/your kids' clothes, how cool is that! 
Not only dresses, at another times she posted some cute purses too. And then another cute dress for little girl (guess it's for a gift since her two daughters were already school age). Then another pretty dress for herself. Then another then another. I was like, OMG this is cool, OMG that one's so cool, OMG OMG!!

So I wanted to learn how to sew. 
But I don't know where to start. Being a Google girl, of course I started to google around about sewing for beginner. 
But, you bet, it is a very vast ocean out there, and I was pretty quickly so overwhelmed with too many information. 
So I decided to ask my 'that' friend. I still remember asking her a list of questions; whether I can start learning to sew by hand or if I should buy a sewing machine, how to choose a machine, where and what to buy for fabrics, what other tools I need to sew.
Pretty quickly she answered all my queries, even invited me to come to her place so that she could show me how to play around with her sewing machine, and also how to read & follow a sewing pattern.

A few weeks later I bought my very first sewing machine! (I'm not going to write here on how I chose this, it could easily be another post by itself :s )
Oh, I shall mention that hubby gave me approval on buying it with a condition; he wanted me to mend his five (or was it six??) denim pants. Ha!

That's where I started my sewing journey. 

In fact it took me quite a while before I actually open the sewing machine manual. It was just somehow a bit 'scary'. So after I managed to take the leap to overcome my fear, and just-do-it, and made a pair of simple cushion covers, I.was.HOOKED.

I kept looking for new project to sew, and new technique to try. I searched from sewing blogs and library books for anything sewing related. From kids clothing, purse, bag, plushies. Either I really attempted the exact same project, or just browsing through for new inspiration. Every time new item comes alive (well I mean, comes into the correct shape), I'm all excited. 

There's something about seeing a flat fabric morphed into a pretty shapely thing that I enjoy so much. 

I sew mostly for my daughter, another time for gifts, or for myself. I tried to take pictures of every thing I made, along with original online source I used if any (those coming from online tutorial), and keep them in my Pinterest board. Every time I went through the photos they make me happy, somewhat satisfying to see how far I've come from the first time I sew.

This was the first dress I made for my daughter, and a mini sling bag;

This was the last dress I made for her;

And a cute bag for my mom;

Not perfect, but satisfying, very satisfying :)

I'm still sewing once in a while in my spare time now. But with an active toddler and a baby in the house, and no maid this time, I can only usually squeeze in some sewing time late at night, or around noon when kiddos taking nap.
And of course along the way, I'm picking up another addiction. On fabrics. (Well you can say my husband has a really valid reason to worry about this thing. Oopss..)
But seriously, just looking around inside a fabric store makes me happy. Especially those beautiful and cute printed fabric, they just come filling my head on what could possibly made of them. 

Do you have a creative hobby, as in 'to create' something?
Do you sew, or just love crafting in general?
Let me know! I'd love to hear what brings you enjoyment and excitement to do ;)