5 August 2016

Behind the Scene: My Sewing Space

So. This is my workspace. I shared my large desk with hubby's iMac, keyboard, mouse, console game.

That is an IKEA Gallant corner desk I bought from Craigslist a few years back.
I did not pay attention to the mentioned size on the listing, until it delivered to my house, and it.is.HUGE.

That desk is exactly in the middle of our living room. Seriously, the position is a bit awkward since it's kinda dividing the living room at the centre. My then-two-years-old daughter nearly ran into the corners a few times in the first few weeks after I bought it.

But I grew to like it. It is spacious (like it's not obvious already). I have spot for cutting my fabrics on the side, for small pieces, of course many times I still prefer to go back to the floor for cutting bigger pieces.

I would love to own my *private* space one day, but for now, this is working fine.

The only thing I loathe is that I would need to tidy up & pack away my project items every time I'm done, and unload again the next time. Because (1) I share the working desk with hubby, -well, he has another computer and laptops for work, but of course this iMac is his favorite- and (2) because it's in the open space I should keep all the unsafe items (scissors checked, pins checked, rotary cutter checked, needle checked) from the kids.

Do you have your own crafting room? Or do you share your space with other family member?
1 comment on "Behind the Scene: My Sewing Space"
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