19 August 2016

2 Zip Hipster Crossbody Bag with Waterproof Nylon

This blue crossbody bag was a custom order from a close friend of mine, as a present for her teenage daughter. Her mum wanted to give a new bag to replace her worn out sling bag.

When I asked, what her daughter favorite color or print, and what kind of bag she'd like, she said, "She doesn't like girly stuff, or too much florals, and she likes blue.
And perhaps a simple rectangle shaped bag, you know, the one that look 'youngish' not girly?"

Aha. And there, I realized, is another reason why I have a thing for a crossbody style or sling bag. Wearing one across my shoulder makes me feels like being young again, being ready for new adventure (or that visit to the park with running kids, right?). 

She asked for a waterproof fabric, just like her old sling bag. So then when I found this blue, texty prints, waterproof nylon fabric, I think she will like it.

I chose to use 2 Zip Hipster pattern from Desk Under My Dog, but I omitted the external zipper pocket. Well so I guess it makes it a One Zip Hipster? :p

This is my first time sewing with waterproof nylon. And IT.IS.SLIPPERY.

I layered it with a lightweight woven interfacing. REMEMBER, nylon will melt on hot pressing. You will need another layer of fabric on top of it before any pressing done. Then I noticed once it's back to normal temp, the surface wrinkled! I got worried at first, but turned out it's just fine at the end.

Problem number two, I could not get the stitching right at the first day, and spent the whole night sewing & unpicking a few times.
Still, nice stitching on one side, wriggly stitching on the other side. -__-

Until I found out from another crafter friend that I got to set the tension higher. 
Tried with tension on number 9 (the MAX!), and it worked like a charm. 

Pretty strap!

Problem number three, well this one is not because of the nylon material, the big random placement prints. If you notice, the front body of the bag constructed from 4 panels. The main (biggest, center) piece, the narrow left & right piece, and the half-rectangle pocket piece.

Having not-small print means you will need to consider the pattern matching on those 4 sides before actually cutting your fabric. And it drives me crazy, I think I spent a few hours only to confirm the pattern piece placement for the front part. 

But look at how pretty it's when everything matched (almost) perfectly. ;) 

Ok, that's a bit throwback of last project from me. 

Over and out.

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