29 September 2014

Why I blog

This is not the first time I start a blog.

This is the, well, 3rd time.

And the first two were actually in a same blog, it was just two different time (different YEAR. Oopss..) when I decided to revisit that blog.
And still, that blog ends up dying. It's written in Bahasa Indonesia by the way, here then here.

So it has been five years since the last post I've written there. I'm thinking to keep it there, maybe just as another personal blog to be written solely in Bahasa, but perhaps that's a bit too optimistic idea don't you think. Lol. So anyway let's stick to this new house first.

The first thing triggered me to start writing again was coming from one inspirational family.

Last year back in our hometown in Indonesia, my husband and I decided to do some road trip outside town and visited this family.
The wife is an awesome motivational speaker on parenting & women empowerment (she focused on stay home moms audience). The husband is an entrepreneur and also a known speaker on family relationship.
All their 3 children are home-schooled. From the age of 9, they had to have their own project (anything which can be beneficial for community or environment), depending on their own interest.
Their eldest was nominated in "Young Changemaker Ashoka Foundation" as a green activist when she was 13. The 2nd daughter started her cow farming when she was 10. The youngest, their only son, was doing a "Robocycle" project, creating robots from waste materials.
(By the way I love these writings about them -again, in bahasa- here;
 and here

So during that visit we talked a lot, about raising kids, about family teamwork. I remember the husband said this, "You know how in office we manage things? We held meetings to make project plan, we set goals, we make timeline & schedule, we monitor the progress, and so on. We prepare so much for our office work to achieve better work performance. Why not for our family?"

Really. That's very thought provoking.

Then when I shared with them how so many times I feel unsure on how we drive our family, how we raise our daughter, how strict and how loose we should be, how sometimes we differ in opinions with our parents or friends, and even sometimes argued between ourselves.

The advise I got was, "Just write it down!  Every time you decide on something, then you'd see if that decision works well or not, write about it. Keep a journal so you can look back and learn about it. You'll never know if in 10 years time your writing could be worth a book!"
I thought, WOW that's pretty cool idea. At that time I went home with excitement of writing a diary-or-whatever.

So uh, you know, it took one good year until...

... came along trigger number two.
One day I received it in my inbox; Start-a-blog Challenge by Scott Dinsmore from Live Your Legend newsletter. I can't really explain it, but in many instances (I think I started to notice this tendency of mine recently) I NEED external push to achieve something. The word 'Challenge' on my screen somehow excites me.

So I signed up.

I hope I can keep this writing habit regularly.
With this blog I wanted to keep & cherish our family life's moments, keep discovering & learning about myself, and as a place to share stories & inspirations.

But to keep it to be not too random, I would be writing on my three biggest interest currently;
(1) my sewing hobby
(2) raising kids
(3) life as a SAHM convert & being a better housewife

If you're finished reading until this line, thank you very much! Sorry I do have a bad habit of being sort of long winded.
I hope I don't bore you. Stay tune! (please...) :D

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